About Mechanical Industries



About Mechanical Industries

Mechanical Industries is a non-profit contractor association, serving the members of the Madison Area Mechanical and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (MSC) and the Madison Association of Plumbing Contractors (MAPC).

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide great customer service while meeting the needs of our members through communication, education, training, negotiations, outreach and networking.

Our Focus on the Madison Area:

Dedicated both to MAPC (Madison Area Plumbing Contractors) and MSC (Madison Sheet Metal Contractors). We stand firmly and proudly with our 7 Core Principles. For our contact information, please click here.

Core Focuses:

Education: Providing and maintaining resources that offer knowledge and insight for all to strengthen within the industry.

Commitment: Valuing long-term commitment to our members and associates in all areas pertaining to the betterment of the industry.

Knowledge: Understanding and comprehending both the major and minor details that matter to our members and associates.

Respect: Not only accepting diversity, but appreciating, understand and respecting the value it has both in our industry and world.

Customer Focus: Aiming to identify and meet all needs a member associate or employer may have.

Integrity: Acting with integrity no matter the task, keeps our standard of an open and cooperative business environment.

Partnership: Promoting and combining knowledge and influence of members with our own insight.