• Heat’s On Stories

    Not only has this program kept veterans warm, it has saved lives!

With over 2,700 homes serviced over 35 years, the volunteer Steamfitters and contractor members of MSC have impacted so many lives through the Heat’s On Program.  Here are just a few stories that have come from the event over the years.

  • In 2017, Heat’s On replaced the furnace of a World War II veteran who had been take to the hospital twice with carbon monoxide poisoning.  Doctors were concerned the veteran was trying to harm himself, but the true culprit was his furnace.  The program found a carbon monoxide leak in his furnace that was causing the veteran to be poisoned with carbon monoxide.
  • In 2018, amongst the veterans that the program serviced, Heat’s On assisted with a furnace for a family with three generations of veterans.  The daughter owned the home and was traveling back and forth to Texas to take care of her ailing father who was a veteran.  Her son lived with her and was a wounded veteran.  The program took care of their furnace so they could focus on taking care of their family.
  • In 2019, it was discovered that a veteran had been living without heat for over two years.  He had lost his wife and he was living in a blur, not realizing his heat went out.  The veteran used sweaters, space heaters, and hung plastic curtains from the ceiling to keep the heat in.  He lived this way for two years, including the frigid temperatures of the polar vortex.  Heat’s On was able to get power back to the veteran’s furnace and fix it so he could live through the winter in warmth.
  • In 2022, Heat’s On helped a veteran and her family when they needed it the most.   During a difficult time for the family, the veteran was taking care of her husband, who had been diagnosed with ALS, and also job searching and taking care of their kids when their furnace stopped working.  Heat’s On came in and helped this veteran and her family when they felt all hope was lost.