• Managing Complex Projects

    Pipe Fabrication, Plumbing Installation, Water Reclamation, Excavation, Filtration Systems, and Sewer/Drain

MAPC members work on a variety of projects that can be as simple as the installation of a plumbing unit for a single unit bathroom to designing, creating, building, and installing all the plumbing components of a multi-unit apartment complex of a multi-level office building.

Many MAPC members have pipe fabrication facilities on-site to pre-assemble the plumbing components in order to provide greater accuracy and provide optimal efficiency. A few of the pre-assembled items include:

  • Bathroom Groups
  • Showers
  • In-Wall Water Drops
  • Prefabricated Underground Plumbing
  • Medical Gas Assemblies

Whether it is remodeling a bathroom or laundry room in a home or creating and installing all the plumbing for a multi-story building, MAPC members can design the blueprints for the plumbing components and then put their team to work to install the best system for the project.

Reusing water, such as rainwater, can greatly assist with infiltration along with reducing contaminants deposits, balancing flow volumes, and restoring water quality. MAPC members specialize in the installation of water reclamation systems across Wisconsin.

  • Rainwater Reclamation – Installing a rainwater reclamation system at your home can assist during high peak flow volumes that the ground finds difficult to infiltrate. This also helps reduce contamination deposits in bodies of water due to storm water run-off.  This reclaimed water can be used for irrigation, cleaning tools, mixing concrete, and flushing toilets.
  • Wastewater Reclamation- This system converts municipal wastewater, sewage, or industrial wastewater into reusable water for a variety of purposes such as agriculture irrigation, environmental reuse, industrial reuse, and potable reuse.
  • Treatment Plants – Wastewater throughout Wisconsin arrives at treatment plants to remove contaminants and clean the wastewater from homes, schools, businesses, and factories before it is released back into the environment.

Plumbing and piping are one of the first components for a construction project.  Underground work and digging up the earth start with the plumbers.  MAPC members coordinate with local water utilities to make sure all projects are seamless for the customer from the beginning.

Reverse osmosis filters remove a larger percentage of contaminants from the water, including potentially dangerous bacteria.  This system can provide clean, filtered water throughout your entire home or business for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and bathing.

Sewer and Drain issues can occur at any time.  MAPC members have licensed plumbers available to clean, inspect, diagnose, and repair clogs in the sewer line and drains connected to your plumbing systems.