• Retaining Qualified Welders

    Education and Supervision

Union contractors and the UA have a shared commitment to retain world-class welders.

Great welding skills take time, dedication and education. Union members receive rigorous training and must demonstrate ability before being allowed to participate in a joint welding test session.

During a joint weld test session, union workers are tested at an Authorized Test Facilities under the supervision and control of a contractor representative and an Authorized Test Representative (ATR). All test coupons are reviewed by an independent testing laboratory.

Union representatives (ATRs) supervising weld test sessions are required by the UA to hold a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) credential. Contractors who supervisor a joint weld test session shall have successfully completed the NCPWB Seminar “Welder Testing Supervisor Qualification Training” or meet stringent requirements established by NCPWB.