• Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

    Facts about sheet metal workers: career, training, advantages, application, contractors, and earnings

Sheet Metal workers take flat sheets of metal, such as steel or aluminum, and can create anything needed to build any type of building or establishment that requires metal.  They cut, punch, fold, burn metals to fabricate them into the desired item and then they assemble and install them in place.  They also use these skills to repair products and equipment such as air ducts, drainpipes, and casings for a furnace.

A Sheet Metal Apprentice will learn planning, laying out, fabricating, assembling, installing, and repairing sheet metal parts, equipment, and products. Through the apprenticeship program, they are taught the knowledge of metal characteristics, layout techniques, use of hand and power tools of the industry as well as the machines and equipment needed to fabricate sheet metal. As a Journeyworker, they will read and interpret blueprints, sketches, or product specifications to help fabricate sheet metal products.

They create, install and repair sheet metal products such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts, roofs, siding, and gutters. This includes cutting and bending the sheet metal, which is lightweight and flexible, and then welding, bolting, riveting, or soldering the pieces together in shops and on commercial and residential jobsites.

The Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program offers two “earn as you learn” programs – “Sheet Metal” and “EST” (Environmental Service Technician).  Both are five-year programs with 9,000 hours of on-the-job training and 504 hours of paid-related instruction.  No previous experience is needed.  A person wishing to enter this professional trade must be able to work under the direct supervision of a skilled Journeyworker.  They should also enjoy working with their hands with a good working knowledge of math.

The Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program requires 504 hours of paid-related instruction and 420 hours of unpaid-related instruction.  Related instruction courses are completed during a normal Fall and Spring semester cycle.  Your paid-related instruction includes attending class for an 8-hour day, once a week, and you get paid your hourly wage by your employer while you are in class.  Unpaid-related instruction are evening classes that you take each semester throughout the apprenticeship.

  • Earn while you learn
  • Become self-reliant
  • College-level earning power upon graduation, without the costs of a college education
  • Obtain instruction by Journeyworkers of considerable stature and experience
  • Gain respect and recognition from co-workers as one progresses and becomes productive
  • Satisfaction of working with your hands and your mind in an increasingly technical and sophisticated industry
  • Receive training for a career – not just a job
    • Varied career opportunities: Owner, inspector, estimator, teacher, etc.
  • Freedom to take your skill and knowledge from one employer to another, to all parts of the country

Union Sheet Metal Apprentices:

  • Equal pay for Men, Women, and Minorities
  • More likely to use best safety practices
  • Insurance/Retirement Benefits
  • Referral Hiring Halls
  • Training post-Apprenticeship

Once completed, return to:

Madison Area Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
150 Communications Drive
Sun Prairie, WI  53590

For more information or questions, please contact Scott Hinz at 608-220-4546 or coordinator@madisonsmjatc.org.

General Qualifications for Sheet Metal Apprentices:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalency Certificate
  • Meet required minimums on Accuplacer Placement Test or ACT Test
  • Physically able to perform trade work
  • Valid driver’s license or reliable transportation
  • Take and pass a pre-employment drug test

This is a short list of contractors who train through the Madison Area Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee:

1901 Inc.
2801 Syene Road
Madison, WI  53713

ADS Mechanical, LLC
2775 La Rue Fields Lane
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

All Comfort Services
5245 Voges Road
Madison, WI  53718

Harker Heating & Cooling
87 Nob Hill Road
Madison, WI  53713

Hooper Corporation
6450 Pederson Crossing Blvd.
DeForest, WI  53532

J. F. Ahern Co.
3821 Anderson Road
DeForest, WI  53532

IKM Building Solutions
4701 Tradewinds Parkway
Madison, WI  53718

Madison Sheet Metal
4609 Triangle Street
McFarland, WI  53558

MUZA Sheet Metal
6391 Lake Road
Windsor, WI  53598

The Waldinger Corporation
2401 Advance Road
Madison, WI  53718

Madison Union Sheet Metal Wages
(thru 6/2/2024)

Sheet Metal Pre-Apprentice
Taxable Wage                 $17.14
Health & Welfare          $5.65

1st Year Sheet Metal Apprentice
Taxable Wage                   $21.43
Health & Welfare           $5.65
Nat’l Pension Fund*      $6.89
Local Pension Fund*     $2.77
*After one year or 750 hours, whichever is later

Sheet Metal Journeyworker
Taxable Wage                  $46.12
Health & Welfare            $11.70
Nat’l Pension Fund*       $14.05
Local Pension Fund*    $5.62

Madison Non-Union Sheet Metal Wages
(as of February 2, 2024)
Skilled Wage Rate is $40.17